Nadunisi Naaygal

Nadunisi Naaygal is a 2011 Tamil psychological thriller film starring Sameera Reddy, Veera Bahu and Deva in lead roles, with Swapna Abraham, Ashwin Kakumanu and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in other pivotal roles.  Jointly Produced by Gautham Menon, Madhan and Venkat for Photon Kathaas and Elred Kumar and Jayaraman for RS Infotainment. Executive Produced by James.

Written and Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa, Editing by Anthony, Art by Rajeevan. The film notably does not feature any kind of film score, but only sounds designed by Renganaath Ravee.

Story line:

Nadunisi Naaygal is the story of a boy, who has been a victim of child abuse, and the havoc he causes to women. Samar (Veera Bahu), an eight-year-old motherless boy lives with his father in Mumbai who leads a colorful life indulging in orgy. Samar gets subjected to sexual abuse by his father and is rescued by his neighbor, a middle aged single woman Meenakshi Amma (Swapna Abraham) who names him Veera, takes him under her wings and protects him. Daunted and chased by the ghosts of his painful past, Veera forcefully has sex with Meenakshi Amma. She, though reluctant at first, indulges in the act. After coming back to her senses the next morning, she refuses Veera's apology and decides to marry her colleague. After the marriage, on the same night, when Meenakshi and her husband are in bed, Veera stabs him brutally and sets him and the room on fire. Accidentally, Meenakshi Amma also gets injured in the fire. After treatment, he brings back the scar-faced, burn inflicted Meenakshi Amma to his bungalow in ECR. After a couple of weeks, Veera meets a girl named Priya (Priya) on the net. They meet up and finally fall for each other. He invites her home and they grow intimate, suddenly to be interrupted by a loud scream from Priya, because Meenakshi Amma stabs her brutally, similar to Veera's exploit. She orders him to cut her hair as she wants it.

In the following years, Veera kidnaps women, rapes them and finally kills them in cold-blood. As the murders continue, Veera stumbles upon Sukanya (Sameera Reddy), a girl whom he has been in love with since 10th grade. He meets her at a theatre with her boyfriend Arjun (Ashwin Kakumanu) and lies to her that he had gone with another girl and offers her a ride home. An upset Sukanya agrees but does not know that Veera had been stalking her for a few weeks. Veera suddenly slaps her, making her unconscious and kisses her. Disgusted and terrified, Sukanya then finds Arjun in a pool of blood, in the backseat of the car. Sukanya tries to escape, engages in a fist fight with Veera but is stabbed in the abdomen. In sometime, Police surround the car and take Sukanya to a hospital. Meanwhile, Veera kills a cop and wearing his uniform, collects Sukanya from the hospital. A bystander who had sensed something fishy with Veera's car follows him to his bungalow and informs the Assistant Commissioner Vijay (Deva).

Veera takes Sukanya to his bungalow and informs Meenakshi Amma that he loves this girl truly and is going to live the rest of his life with her. Meanwhile, Sukanya tries to escape but falls in Veera's hands who explains his split persona. He explains that Samar was the one who raped and murdered all the victims and even Meenakshi Amma. He says Meenakshi Amma is actually dead but Samar still thinks she is alive. In a few moments, Vijay arrives at the residence and is confronted by four Rottweilers ready to pounce on him. Alarmed by this, Veera tries to fend him off. After sometime, he returns to take Sukanya into a secret hidden basement, where another two girls are tied to, with their heads half-tonsured. He locks her up in the basement and gets into an fight with Vijay. Sukanya, meanwhile, finds a way into the bungalow, takes a gun and shoots at Veera. He is shocked as he thinks it was Meenakshi Amma who shot at him. All this is recorded on tape as Veera narrates it to the Assistant Commissioner. Finally he is taken to a mental asylum where another patient (Samantha) is also shown as a psychopath, victimised due to child sexual abuse and the end credits roll.


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